Friday, September 19, 2014

Instagram 008 - Festivals, cities and sketches

Thank god it's friday, time for a new Instagram post and for weekend! I thought this week was never ending and there was (and still is) so much school work that had to be done. I made parts of that yesterday but I still have thingies to do. But it is interesting so it is not the end of the world. These are some Instagram pictures from lately: 1. making a moodboard for school about myself and fonts 2. Last sunday was Pauls birthday and we went to Appelpop that weekend! Appelpop is a Dutch festival (for free!!) with lots of amazing artists. 3. From where we stand at Appelpop with Janne. 4. At the local "summer-festivals" with Willemijn, the weather was great that day! Just like this week. 5. Beautiful Nijmegen, I really dream to live there in a house like these someday. 6. Sketching again for the creative class. Today I have creative class too, we're going to do something with photography. And for the rest of the weekend a birthday, work, school and I hope to go to the woods with Paul! How are you going to spend your weekend? And what do you think of these photos? 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dreaming away, heading to an own place

Today, I was thinking about looking up some inspiration photos for a, possible, new room. A place for my own, decorated by the things I like and love. While finding these photographs I have more and more will to move out, just because there is so much fun and beauty decorating something new. I love the soft white-tinted colours, the light fabrics and the beautiful lace, that combined with persian carpets,  some foreign influences, warm autumn colours, rough or natural wood on the floor and in decoration. Now and then a little gold, some plants and flowers, my dad's recordplayer and some vintage items. Yes I know exactly how my own place is going to be. Do you live on your own already? 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Wishlist - Autumn is a second spring

I can tell that I'm studying again: I get distracted by webshops and put all those lovely clothing in my basked, and then ending up deleting it all. School has really started again and I'm so busy to keep it up. But I like what I have to do so that is a good thing. For the creative class we have to make a self-portrait through a font, such a lovely assignment! If it will work out well there'll come a post about it maybe. 
These are some of the items that ended up in my Forever21 basket. A bit summer-ish but with some fine knits for autumn. I love the 3th photograph and outfit, I want that cardigan so much! Unfortunately it is already sold out. Maybe it'll come back soon. Ah and look at the printed shorts, they will go for an autumn outfit with some tights too! And I love the colour of the crop: Olive. I'm thinking about getting some new colours like this one. Do you get distracted easily too while studying? 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Outfit - She's a half-written poem

Brandy Melville crop top, shorts - Primark sandals - Vintage sunnies - Porch People tote bag
Oh well, another outfit from Italy. That is a long time ago but I was looking back at the holliday photographs and saw that I forgot about these outfit photos! I bought this short and shirt in Rome, Brandy Melville. I showed the shorts in a new in post a while ago, and here is an outfit with those. I fell in love with the print so much. Thinking about thingies to discribe this amazing short I can't get a reason, it just is perfect, haha! I comined them with black, the crop top has an amazing soft fabric. And for a little less black the tote bag. The outfit is verry summer-ish, but with some tights boots and a fine cardigan it will also go for winter I think. What do you think of this outfit? 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

DIY - Replace fear by curiosity

Wow I've been so busy lately. I had the introduction of my new study, we went on a camp and yesterday I met my new whole class. I was so excited but so nervous before. Afterwards there is no need of being nervous. Everything will just go it's way. So therefore I love the quote "replace fear by curiosity" Tuesday the classes will start and the holliday will be over. Too bad, but at the same time I can't wait to do something, learn, sea and do new things! 
Anyways, about this photograph, I made these bracelets myself! Marlou took me to Beadies a cute litte shop in Utrecht and they sell an amazing amount of beads. Looking around there I wanted to make lots and lots of bracelets, the shop gives lovely inspiration. So I sought out the beads I loved and in the train on my way back home I started making them. Now I already have these three, and I really like them. Can't wait to make different ones in other colours and styles! What do you think of these? And are you starting a new study too?