Thursday, October 01, 2015

From beast to beauty - DIY see through butterfly frame

I still like to call my DIY posts "From beast to beauty". If we go way, wayyyyy back this was that very first post of that category. If you'll click you see where I got the word beast for this title. Anyways this is more an interior DIY then a clothing one. But I thought why not give it a try and see how it will turn out. 
So I did a DIY for a see through frame, which you see in stores a lot lately. They are so beautiful, yet sometimes a bit expensive (I love the ones with rose/golden little frames).  It is not a very big secret that you can easily make one yourself: all you need is two photo frames and then replace the cardboard of the first frame with the glass of the second frame. Get it? 
Then you can put anything you love between the two glasses. I've always wanted a stuffed butterfly, but you'll need way more money for those then the see through frames from the shops. A while ago I found this lovely vintage butterfly book in a secondhand shop in my town. And when I was thinking about what to put between the glasses my eye fell on that vintage little book. So I carfully cutted out a butterfly from the book and there was my 'see through butterfly frame'. NOTE: if you don't have a fancy vintage butterfly book you can also just print out one from Pinterest or anywhere else on the internet and that can be something else then a butterfly too. Or you can put something else between them, like a post-card, some dried plants/flowers, a quote. Anything. Do you like this DIY? & Are you going to make this see through frame too?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OUTFIT // Dungaree, Pinafore Dress

Berskha dungaree dress - Double Agent jumper - Bag to the Future bag - Dr.Martens shoes
Photographs by Janne( Radiate Fashion)
I'm wearing this dress so much lately, it is actually all I wear whenever I'm not wearing some skinnies combined with a jumper. This dress is perfect. I really wish for another one in black or an autumn colour. I'm a lot out of outfit inspiration lately (I hope to do some shopping soon, got some things in mind I would love to have). That's not the case with this dress, but this can't be all I wear all week. Anyways there had to be another outfit post with this one. The other post with this dress was from Italy, this one is a bit more autumn proof. I love that autumn is arriving, I can't wait for the trees to colour their leaves. 
I combined the pinafore dress with this fine jumper from Double Agent which is soo soft! Then with some tights, my Dr.Martens and a vintage bag to match the black from below. I'm so happy with how the photographs turned out, thanks Janne for taking them! Last week and last monday we had a stroll around Nijmegen again and shot these photos. It is so nice to exploar the city a bit more every week, I hope to discover some more places in Nijmegen which I don't know yet.  Do you like this outfit?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

INTERIOR // Home is the nicest word

Home is the nicest word, I like that quote. But what home really is, is not per se a room with a roof. Sometimes home is more a person. But this time home is my student room and I feel like my room in Utrecht is feeling like home more and more. Well I have that every time I change my room. That is what I did a few weeks ago again:  changed my room. I don't know what it is but every once in a while I have to change it. This time it was a bit bigger change because I put my bed at another spot: on the other side of the room. I love how my room looks right now, from on my bed you have a perfect view of the rest of the room. Not that it is that big with my 10 square meter. But this place for my bed is really lovely! And  I have these new purple pillows and they match my carpet perfectly. I love the white and purple-ish colours together. Can you see the change? And what do you think about my room?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

LOVELY LOCATIONS // Met Passie, Nijmegen

Ganzenheuvel 73, Nijmegen
LOVELY LOCATIONS, (I think) a new category on my blog. (I hope) because i love this post and this idea. Which idea? Searching and saving lovely hotspots. I would love to visit more places like this one. A big plus is that you can try the pastries everytime :) Last monday I went into Nijmegen again (free mondays are the best) with Janne. We walked to some places of the city where we normally wouldn't go straight away and we visited Met Passie. A lovely little cafe just a minute walk out of the, sometimes, busy center. 
First of all it has the most amazing floor you've ever seen, dated in 1897 and the tiles are hand painted. And then the chairs match the floor perfectly. You can go to Met Passie for coffee, tea or some cold drinks. And that with (highly recommend) very good cakes, pies and other pastries.  The cafe also has a "wine-basement" and plans for a high tea room upstairs and expansion to add a luch menu. Those are in progress right now but I'd love to go back there when those two are finished! 
Janne and I had some delicious apple pie and a Naturfrisk drink, I had the one with elderflower which was sooo good! I didn't knew what elderflower was, that's why I picked the taste. It was the really good, you should try it! As you can see we took some photos there. I didn't bring my camera so only number 2&3 from the three-in-a-row were taken by me. Janne took the other ones and the cafe looks even nicer through her camera! So that was my first 'hotspot' sort of post, I hope you liked it, let me know! Have you ever been to Met Passie?

Monday, September 21, 2015

OUTFIT // Hopeless wanderer

Cheap Monday skinnies - Bershka blouse - Brandy Melville cardigan - Pull&Bear ankle heels
A new week and a new outfit, and this is the very first one again without (sadly) bare legs. I miss those bare legs, a lot. But at the same time I'm longing for cold winter winds and very big jumpers, well maybe that should wait a little, haha. Anyways this outfit is a step up to that. Last week I went to Nijmegen with Janne (Radiate Fashion) and we shot some outfit photos in this lovely side street. Monday is always my day off and I just love taking a stroll around the city and just wander around a little. A lot of people I know are having a gap year and they made me miss my gap year so much! I miss endlessly wandering around the city and just exploar it, when your on your own that is such a nice thing to do. So if you have a gap year: go wander around the city on your own! Anyways school is good too, and with two days off I still have time for other things. 
Oh and maybe a little about this outfit. I got myself some new spray-on's from Cheap Monday and they are so good with my new heels! And above to make it a little less simple I'm wearing a vintage flowered blouse and my new (soo soft) Brandy Melville cardigan! I love how the cardigan goes with the flowered blouse because the colours in it. What do you think of this outfit? Do you like wandering so much too?